Wednesday, June 16, 2010

200th Post Sadness

Well, it's the 200th post!
*Streamers errupt on either  side of the page and a party horn goes off*
Thank you Party Cyclops.
This feels akaward.
It is.
Let's start out by this: I've been playing ever since 3/25/09. What's today? So, um, I've been playing for one year and three months. Weird. My last wizerversery was three months ago.
Oh well.
Anyway, remember a while back I mentioned that my mom's reformatting the PC with everything on it? The one i'm typing on right now?
I've come to three options.
One: Take a break to get my computer in order, and also have a little more family time.
Two: Quit after the computer is reformatted. I'll have tons more to catch up on..*Sighs*
Three: Quit five days after my Wizerversery.
Well, i'm putting a poll up now.

On a happier note, guess what?
I said guess.
Okay, if you won't guess, then I'm telling you.
Esmee is level 39.
Esmee got her minion spell.
Esmee is in Dragonspyre.
Esmee is in The Grand Chasm.
Esmee got her school symbol stuff. (THANKS YOUKAI!)
Amy is nearly level 49.
Amy got her Plauge Oni Boots. (Sorry Kestrel.)
I need to work on the other characters.
I gotta stop typing like this.
And I made desktop backrounds. Enjoy, because i'm making more. :-)

Meh, Blogger is being stupid.
It's still being stupid. Oh well.
Well, um, yeah. So vote!
On the other hand,  I totally have no idea to do on the Comedy Theurgists Podcast, since we can't do the story. Why? Mary won't be there for the show. She'll be where no internet is. Got any ideas? I need them.
Well, The original saying is back.
Happy Saving!


  1. Yay first vote and my brownie trilogy even though I don't now if it is even a trilogy is OVER and it is ended unhappily ever cause I got my privileges revoked :( So I don't no what you should do cause I have similar prob and I don't know how to solve mine. I either except the fact that I can't play after windows 7 is installed in my computer or a don't let my dad sleep until I get it back. I think I am going with option 2. Ya I am defiantly going with number 2 without doubt... That sounded wrong I should say option 2 that would sound better.

  2. Happy Wizardversary! I love Wizardversarys! But its sad that you might quit. :(

    Oh wait, nose.


  3. I say the first one. I got bored of wizard101 so I took a break and realized I missed it. I then realized is like a cigarette and can not be quit unless you take pills or something. I don't know about cigarette stuff so don't ask about the pills even lol. I forgot to say in the first one my name so... Nathaniel has given advice from his hollow head x2

  4. You will be missed on wizard101 by a lot of ppl. Maybe not me...jk Nathaniel has spoken DA DA DAAA. Sry just wanted to do that


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