Saturday, May 29, 2010

Two Ice Cold Coke-A-Cola's

DiaryofAWizardConncectX has got it's 1,000th member! Another thing to celebrate. Congrat's to Diary Of A Wizard and Kiley Iceshard!
My best Siggy yet:
It's tiny, but cool.
Twitter has been very active this morning! I hear about DOAWC.X's 1,000th member, Kestrel's alt, Kyamma, just a few minuites ago.
And quote of this post:
"Death is probably the best secondary up to feint, then life to satyr and ice to tower shield." - Kestrel ShadowThistle

Song of the day: Party In The USA- Miley Cyrus
Lolz, do I need to even explain that song? I hate it but I love it. Weird.

So, um, when  I make another siggy I'll post it, okay?
If anyone wants one I can make it. Just give me the photos via mai* and tell me how you want it. It is all done by Microsoft Paint. :-)
Btw, why is it I get a chat bar then everyone else does? Srsly. Don't copy people.
And I finally got a hit counter.
Holy crap, I said this morning. Over 200 views.
Serena is sitting next to me eating a pretzel. She's at my house, lol, so she can't touch the keyboard until she washes her hands.
We're drinking two Ice Cold Coke-A-Cola's.
*Cheesy Mcdonald's music comes on*
Esmee is almost done with Big Ben.  Can't wait for Mooshu.
Okay, back to making siggy's and battling.

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