Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rant day

I've finally dragged myself outta bed to see friendly's post....
And it's a rant.
And that makes me rant.....

Are the pets GOOD or BAD?
Random Guy: Want me for an interveiw?
Me: Sure. We're discussing if the pet update is good or bad. What do you say?
Random Guy: I have a lot to say on this.
Me: Shoot. I have all night.
Random Guy: Bad.
Me: Why?
Random Guy: Well, number one, this is basically singling out the people who worked so hard to get cool pets. Now, people just simply combine pets for a brand new awesome one.
Me: I agree.
Random Guy: Secondly, I noticed that  you can basically only buy pet energy with crowns. I mean, HELLO. Some people can't buy crowns!
Me: Totally. I'm in that situation right now.
Random Guy: I know that your supposed to ask questions, but let me ask a few.
Me: Shoot.
Random Guy: So what do you think about all this?
Me: Personally, there are up's and downs's to it. I mean, many people are thrilled by things such as Black Feather Wings and the new what is it....that Triton wand. Anyways, thats the ups. The downs are mostly what you said. But, what about when Celestia comes out? What will this place be like then? I mean, Celestia sounds cool, but what really is happening? If Celestia turns out to be a crash for some of us, what will happen then?
Random Guy: Okay, I've gotta go before my ear gets talked out. I'm out.
Me: All I have to say is, that if Celestia crashes my awesome gameplay, I am quitting. I've been playing for about two years now, and I've seen the changes this has gone through. Seen everything.  But i'm serious about quitting. Wizard101---it won't be Wizard101 after awhile. Amber tuning out.
Hey all, I still need some help with Malistare. So...how's this?
7:00 Eastern Time, Realm Vampire Area One (6:00 Central.) On Saturday? Comment if it's okay or not.
Hey Amber, can I borrow the flamethrower?
What did I say about that...? Can't you use those bolts I gave you!?!?!
They got stolen.
People don't steal bolts.
Fine! Be that way!
Happy Saving!

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