Saturday, May 8, 2010

Okay, this is annoying.

Two hours on the computer.
My mom has been on the PC for two hours, trying to fix it's internet explorer. Problem is, were on a 64-bit Vista, while that internet for 32-bit XP is downloaded. Doesn't she understand that it won't run?
Anyway, what started it was that my FATE was messed up so I went to re-install it and my desktop dissapeared.  So I got mom to fix it.
*Sighs* I'm stuck sneaking onto  my brothers laptop, listening to the TV and posting this with a dismal look on my face.
And I think that Deer Mount in my brother's room is staring at me purposley..... o. O

Okay, guys. I'm in a dilemma with a few people so I posted a new thing on the writers notebook. It's a page called, "My Past." It's not for the, uh, weak minded people. (Sorry, it's true.) Look here....

Well, time to watch more Chowder, even if it's the most stupidest TV show i've ever seen.
-The unhappy Amber.

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