Saturday, April 3, 2010

What the heck? Oh well, I guess some fun stuff to post.

Hey all.
First things first, I haven't been on today because my brother got a virus on his laptop. A trojan horse one. So yeah, I was internet-less until about 6:00PM, which is sort of like slow  tourture. My morning started out like this:  my brother jumping on top of me to wake me up, me yelling at him for a good fifteen minuites in my robe about the virus, having doughnuts (That was the only good part of my morning.), going on the Playstation 2 to play Kindom Hearts (Which is addicting), going on the phone with Wolf Ironforge for 20 minuites, yet again playing Kingdom hearts. I just finally got on. Now, I figured out Ravenwood Radio must have been having another Malistare run, because in the middle of a talk with David DragonTamer, a bunch of skelentons come out of nowhere yelling BRAINS!!! for no reason. Weird after party, but it was a blast.
Part of the party

I got to see many people at the after-party, including Fallon, Amber U, and Kevin Battleblood. I added Leesha, Ronan (Ravenshard), Stephen, and so many more! Eventually though, I ended up teleporting to David's house because of everyone was crowding around famous people....a lot of us needed breathing room. Wow guys, it's awesome what you can do. Okay, more pictures.
Hmm..funny chat boxes...
OH! Totally forgot about this weird glitch. New way to ride a broom: No, wait. Just get it built in to your body.

Sadly guys, I didn't go picture crazy this time. BUT I am starting a new story. This one isn't wizard-related, so I'm able to  share it with my friends In Real Life. Gosh, I haven't had a story like that for ages...
So here's an intro:

And her wonderful
Slightly dangerous
Adventures in
(Along with the help of her loyal sidekick, Esmee.)

No one is staring at you. No one is staring at you. No one is staring at you.
I sighed. I couldn’t even fool myself. Darn.
It probably wasn’t the fact I had dressed well today. Flared blue jeans, Blue t-shirt that said SHINE in little rhinestones, high black boots that always needed to be polished, long wavy blonde hair, and a actual denim schoolbag.
Yup, probably wasn’t that.
It probably wasn’t the fact I was new; most people here are new, right?
I demand you to tell you how it is. Well, no I don't demand it. Still, you get what I mean, right?
Should I get a fanfiction?
Should I take a break from Wizard101?
Yes, I'm actually asking that. I am not the outdoorys type of person, but my brother is begging me to get a tan and it's very nice out lately. So yeah...
Darn! Long post.
-Happy Saving!
EDIT: I have put comment moderation on, since I had a few really bad comments off a post back. So yea, you're allowed to post as Annon. but you have to wait for me to approve.

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