Saturday, April 24, 2010

Such a tale

Okay, I was in Cyclops Lane and I wondered what happened with this!
The Foutain! DING DING DING! Story idea! So here's a random piece. I'm thinking of doing it in the epoulage of my one story.....

"But tell me a story!" Pleaded Esmee. It was nighttime, and Esmee didn't want to go to bed...again.
"Okay, fine. I'll tell you the story of The Foutain of UnDying. But please, go to bed." I said, tucking the blankets over her.
"Okay." The sleepieness was already in her voice.
"This is the story of the foutain of Undying....."
"Back  in the time when only Fire, Ice, and Storm were around a mysteryous street appeared. Trolls, Cyclops, and Minotaurs roamed the streets. There was a faire, and the colors of the streets were gold and silver while the houses were trimmed in blue. There, they found a person named Nolan StormGate."
"You mean the Nolan Stormgate that is giving my a quest to talk to moron Cyrus Drake?"
"No. Thats his fourth decendant." I answered, and continued with my story.
"Nolan told them that there were other people roaming different places. For instance, he told them about a place called Unicorn Way. There, Ceren Nightchant was was Life. Nolan was Myth. He told them about Penny Dreadful, who wasn't yet known to have a school.  And then there was Arthur. Arthur was a dog. Now, the Arthur you know is his fifth decendant. He was Balance. Then, Nolan told them about the foutain of Undying. The Foutain Of Undying made sure that no one died.  If someone died, then they would go to the foutain and be returned to youth.'
"But one day, the Evil Malistare declared Penny DreadFul as Death. Penny was so mad, she almost cut off the foutain of Undying. Instead of her doing it, Malistare Drake did it himself. Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Balance, Life, and Death were devastated. They would not allow anyone to take their precious land, so that people could be healed. That was when the art of Life was really put into action. Instead of just fighting, they were able to heal other people. Death people were able to steal health to heal themselves. Balance were able to give a Helping Hand to someone in need.
"And so, the foutain of Undying still stands in Cyclops Lane, forever letting people heal themselves by any method." I finished the story.
Light snores filled the room as Esmee fell asleep. I smiled. Then I got up and turned out the light, leaving my story hanging in the air, preserving it in Esmee.
I left the room, leaving ten years of burden of story behind me.

How do you like?

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