Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Okay, other than last night...

Posting from school again, with Serena sitting by me. 
Okay, the only reason I'm posting right now is because I'm making a non-wizard related story on the laptop here. Get off here appleworks! Ugh...I hate macs....
Here you go.

And The Super-Gigantic Loutus Flower
By Amber Rosepetal, Author of 
The Little Old Lady Who Thought Her Wiener Dog Was A Brick

 As a black sleek car speeds across the highways of Paris, France, No one notices a small flower had begun to grow, despite the  ever busy streets. 

Car horn’s blast Kiley’s eardrums as she walks the sidewalks of London. Her destination- Paris. But she know’s that she will never get there on foot. Walking over to a  Public Phone, she dialed for a car.
No more than a few seconds after she hung the phone up,   a sleek, long black car pulled up right in front of her, nearly hitting her. She would have no idea what would happen next, for she didn’t know she was being spied on. “She has gone into our trap. Tell the boy to  meet her, and to not let anything slip.” whispered the man in black to his raidio.  She would have no idea that she would be watched. ‘So far, so good’ the man thought to himself  as he got into a sleek black car identical to the one that Kiley had just gotten into.

“Paris please!” Kiley said, throwing one thousand euro’s  over the seat. “No, no, no. Eet ez free! said the driver in a french accent. 
That was weird. Nothing was free in Paris, not even lollipops.
The driver threw the euro’s back over the seat, and rolled up the plexiglass divider so that she could have some privacy.  Kiley looked around in her box of a seat, and saw candy, soda, sandwhichs, fruit and everyhting she wanted. But there was one thing:
Kiley couldn’t eat in the car. She got so carsick. 

‘ What does she freakin’ even look like?’ Kevin thought to himself as  white snow flurries fluttered around him. It wasn’t even Christmas, and people had already decorated Paris with thousands of twinkle lights. It looked nice, he guessed. He wasn’t the best as those kind of statements. Even as he looked around through the solid black night dotted with white snow flurries, he saw a black, sleek and shiny car pull up in front of him.  “She’s here.” he murmered into the headpiece. From the car, stepped a tall girl, about 5”3 with flaming red hair, stunning violet eyes, perfect face, dark blue jeans that fit her like a glove, shiny tall black boots that click!-clacked! when she walked,  a red top that covered her neck, like a-a-a- He couldn’t remember the name! God, his sister used the name all the time, yet here we was, stunned by the beauty of the girl. He looked at the tiny turtle on the side of the car and it hit him: turtnelneck.  Oh well. ‘Forget the cloths and stuff, go and do your job’ he thought. She gave him a warm smile as she cilmbed out of the car. he reached in and got her luggage, just one suitcase. 
Only One.


“It’s only just a few days. I-I’ll be fine.” Stammered Kiley to the unknown person.  She had a had a bad feeling about this guy. Don’t go anywhere if  you don’t know the person who is taking you. Mother’s voice echoed in my head. No. I had to forget about my life in London. After all,
I was a runaway.
The thought made acid churn in my stomach.  No, not a runaway, I told myself. A girl who decided to go on vacation  from  her moron bothers and sisters.
Still smiling, I walked into the Le Grande hotel and said my name.
“Kiley Annabelle.” I murmered. The receptionest looked up at me, startled. “You like to use your middle name?”  
Uh, yeah. My grandmother calls me that, so now we all go by Kiley Annabelle. “ I said adwardly, shifting from foot to foot. “Could I just get into my room?” I asked, impaitent 
“Oh, fine. Enjoy your stay!” She handed me brass keys, and pointed down the hall to a mahongy door. 
Unlocking the door, I managed to glimpse the room before being hooded into a sack. Lightheaded and dizzy, I heard a whistling sound, and then everything went black.
I woke up to a bright, airy room, surrrounded by people who --I didn’t think it was possible-- looked evil. Then I realized I was strapped to a bed, and it was none too comfy. Blankly, I looked around me- away from the evil people’s faces. I decided to call them The KidKeepers.  
“What is going on?” I asked, my speech slurred by madness, nausea, and sleep.  
“Shut up.” Said a cold, sharp tone. I instantly back away from The KidKeepers, only to run into more of them.  Crap, what would I have to do to escape them? Shoot a gun? Karate chop them? Say that I am Loony Lauren? No. I couldn’t shoot a gun because first, I didn’t have one, and second, I didn’t know how to shoot a gun.  I couldn’t Karate-chop them because I didn’t know Karate. And I couldn’t blame loony Lauren as much as I liked to. Maybe in a million years, but not now.
I tried at speech once again.
“Who are you and what do you want with me?!” I shouted. “What-what are you? Where the heck am I?” A billion questions bubbled to my lips, but I decided it was best to shut up now, since the boss was coming to me. 
“I  thought I told you to shut up.” He said, raising his arm. 
“No! Stop it for gods sake, don’t tourture her!” Came a girls voice who I never expected to hear. The boss did as he was told...but instead of tourturig me, he just slammed my head against the bed, that I now realized ad been wheeled into a stone building. There, in a corner, was Lauren. But before I could call something out, I felt the guards unstrap me. “No!” I shouted when my head cracked against the stone floor.  Yet again, I felt a rushing sound in my ears and stars in front of my eyes for the second time today. Fighting to stay coucious, I shook my head.  “Why are you here?!” I shouted to Lauren. 
“Don’t fight it, Kiley! Don’t fight it! “ Yelled Lauren.
“Why?” I asked in a slurred voice. “Why not?” 
Dizzier then ever,  I got up. But not before the KidKeepers leftt the room. Walking over to her, I unstrapped her off the bed. 
‘They left me here all  night. What are we going to do?” Asked Lauren, shakily taking a few steps. 
“Well, for once, will you listen to one of my ideas?” 
‘Ugh umm okay okay.”
We huddled, and I told her what to do.
“So this is what we do....”


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