Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Haha, I had an awesome Earth Day. 
Things I did today to help the enviorment:
  1. Only used bamboo chopsticks-homemade-for eating so that people won't waste water cleaning all the metal stuff
  2. Planted 4 Tomato plants
  3. Climbed a tree and spent an hour up there looking at the world around me. Yes I did hug a branch.

Anyway, today at school wasn't crappy finally. Did my speech, which turned out to be AWESOME. It was cool hearing all the stories from each persons point of veiw.  The aweosme part of the speeches is that everyone is nerveous, so if you screw up, people won't laugh. They just nod and wait.
After the speechs, we all went and watched movie. Tomorrow we're having a party I think, and i'm porbably going to do a toast. In all, today was awesome. Purely awesome. So, can nobody ruin my mood? Please?
Hahahahaz, I forgot to download this to here. Been meaning to for a long time. My bird was caught red-tailed with her wings up and he beak apart. It's neat.
Gosh, I just love her.
Anyway, Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth-taking-caring-of!
Note: The earth is better than Lady bird....most of the time.

1 comment:

  1. Love the bird. Thats an African gray parrot. By the look of it, it is also around a year old at the lest. Very Beautiful bird.


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