Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Haha this day is getting better and better

Okay! I finally have a NORMAL day! That makes me happy! Anyway, *Bounces* guess who's back?
I said guess.
Okay, you're a horrible guesser if you didn't guess.

It's a caterpillar baloon assemble! Lol, I just thought of that.
Go lookey at that! Also, I will be updating my followers list. If you see a thing saying "The Gamer Girls Blog" Or something, follow. It's Natalie's new blog. I'll also be taking her closed one down.
Haha, I freaked out on the porch when I saw. I was on the DSi, and I went to my blog and saw that Homework in a Graveyard was back. I was suntanning by the plants. So, I ended up knocking down a few plants, lol. I have to repot them later. Or just let my brother do it.....
Note: Good days are better than Jacob Black with his shirt off. Okay, thats a lie. Total. Lie. *hahaha*


  1. My sis's friend got a Taylor Laucknaur (Jacob Black) life size cut out... lol
    ~DDT (David DragonTamer) O_O
    P.S. Typing this at the verizon store in my city :P

  2. Hahaha..she's lucky!
    And um, why a Verizon store?

  3. My sis was getting a new phone...
    ~DDT :D
    (p.s.: I am hotter than Jacob Black... psh :D)

  4. Thank you so much, Amber!It is truly good to be home!


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