Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Esmee in Krokotopia!

Ding! Esmee is in Krokotopia! And she got her BalanceBlade! :)
I'm powerleviling her, my (hehe, irl) boyfriends alt, and Angela all at the same time. It's a bit hard keeping two windows up at once, Insaninquarium, Twitter and Skype all at once, but I manage.

She got new clothes.
Anywayz. I got an e-mail saying this:
Why don't you ever post any news! (bad comment here)

Okay person, the thing with that is why post the news that EVERYONE is saying when people can just go to my blogger sidebar and click a link with the news on it. I mean, are people that lazy!?! (Note: No offence. And I am not pinpointing anyone! Really!) *Rants on and on---it would be a waste to take it out on words, wouldn't it be?*
--Rants over---
Erm, I guess I'll start music of the day?
Today's Music of the day: School's Out by Alice Cooper
I really think this song is so funny to play on the last day of school....Ha ha I'll tell you what I plan on doing on the last day of school:
Haha! No one is stealing my ideas!
Anyway, just listen to the lyrics and get the meaning. It's awesome.
....Alice Cooper is old, but awesome.
Happy Saving!
Note: The Last Day Of School is better than this blog....really. Okay some days thats a load of lies but you get what I mean.

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