Monday, March 15, 2010

Kestrels Party=Insane fun!

It all started 15 minuites before the offical Party Time.
Okay, so I was afk for that time! My mom made me take a shower JUST when the party started. So yeah, I was ticked.
I was going to psot my video segment, but this thing won't download! Darn it...
There was a lot of shouting like, I LIKE PIE(Me) AND RIBS(Me) AND SODA(Someone else AND CAKE AND (Obviously, Alia!)CHEESE! from everywhere and then we all ended up transforming into Golems. Then, we all headed to Unicorn Way and Pwned some Lost Souls. I have a feeling the random noobs working in there were thinking, "What the (Insert bad word of choice) is going on?!". After Pwning some lost Souls, We had the first ever Spiral Idol! It was funny, seeing everyone fighting over who is a judge and who goes first. I became friends with sevral people, Including Mr. LionBlood himself! It was a blast, and now I am working on Counterweight East after breezing through Katz Lab. Sarah Jade and Eric (AKA STEVEN) are with me, and I just took a video clip. Oh....Darn...

Happy Saving!

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